Tomb Raider Multiplayer Details: TDM, linear maps, lever-based traps and more

This month’s OXM had promised a lot of new details on Tomb Raider’s multiplayer.

Instead of waiting for the magazine to come out, a fan has complied all the details on the official forums, and it features everything from game modes to gameplay mechanics, that really makes this one of the best multiplayer experiences on paper for a Tomb Raider game.

These details are from Dave Rudden of OXM, be sure to buy the magazine and support it, because there are a ton of other stuff that you may love to read. It was also mentioned that the HUD was slimmed down and barely visible. There are more QTEs and bows can be used to distract enemies.

Rudden acknowledges that the fans will be wary of changes. There modes like Team Deathmatch, best-of-three matches alternating between sides, but they haven’t mentioned the other modes yet. It has also been revealed that the maps aren’t too wide open, but that was expected wasn’t it?

You can select from a deep roster of characters, there are different stats and loadouts. There are primary firearm/bow, sidearm, grenade style projectile, climbing axe that serves as a melee, and XP can go from altering stats and purchasing more advanced characters.

Check out the list below (via Tomb Raider forums). UK retailer GAME had revealed earlier that Tomb Raider would have a multiplayer component.

  • “an immediate wrong turn out of our cavernous base … had us sliding down a rocky water tunnel…”
  • “lever-based traps that shot spikes out of walls, climable surfaces, destroyable environmental elements (like bridges), and weaponry like Lara’s now trademark bow and arrow.”
  • Second game type “Rescue” survivors have to collect a certain amount of med-packs and deliver them to rotating destinations while scavengers must reach a certain kill count.
  • Rescue gives survivors a “bleed-out” time, that you can cut short with a “brutal” melee finisher.
  • “Wind Chasm” was the map they played on. Tropical, with traps, vantage points and junk.
  • Karl “dropped hints about a mode called “Cry for Help,” which apparently will place a strong emphasis on discovery and collection.” Adventure as opposed to combat game type.
  • Some single player actions have been sped up for sanity-sake.
  • “[Noah Hughes] goes on to note that while it make seem odd that this historically loner heroine now has a whole roster of companions…”
  • Goes through the same old campaign points; hanging upside down, falling onto spike, running through cave, Sam, wolf, bear trap, blah blah blah.