Tomb Raider: All Totem and Lantern Locations Video Guide

Tomb Raider contains a lot of challenges and we have the guides for two of them:  Ghost Hunter and Pyromaniac challenge.

The Ghost Hunter challenge asks you to destroy 10 Totems. Each challenge asks you to find between 4-10 collectibles in unique ways and we also have the guide for the Pyromaniac challenge which asks you to shoot 5 lanterns in the game.

In case you beat the story mode, you can still do all these challenges since you have the option of going back to the game world.

Check out both the videos below, courtesy of YouTube user PowerPyx.

Ghost Hunter Challenge Guide

Pyromaniac Challenge Guide

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  1. Dkab

    June 14, 2014 at 9:56 am

    They both link to the same cid.

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