Titanfall: Respawn Explains How Dedicated Servers Benefits The Game

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Titanfall from Respawn Entertainment takes advantage of the cloud on Xbox One. Microsoft has been pushing the cloud as something that will benefit the console a lot in the long run, and while things like AI and physics can be offloaded to it, there are other advantages like dedicated servers too.

So how do they benefit the game? It’s clear that they help in reducing the lag and provide an optimal experience for each player, but there are also benefits in terms of how much resources are available.

“Yes. It’s fairer. It’s faster. It reduces headaches with parties and matchmaking, you don’t need to worry about NAT traversals, host migrations,” Titanfall producer Drew McCoy told Digital Foundry.

“It frees up quite a bit of CPU time. On a client-hosted game anyone can be the server so you can’t assume we have all CPU and memory resources available for the client. So you have to say, OK we’ll set aside whatever it is – one, 10, 15% of CPU time – in case they are the server. Now we know that the client won’t be running the server at all, so we have all available resources.”

The game is not a launch title but will be released sometime in 2014 for the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. There was a stunning trailer shown at Gamescom which shows how smooth the game is. The demos shown so far runs at a solid 60 fps and Respawn has stated that “frame rate is king.”

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