Titanfall requires Origin on the PC, Might Not Come on Steam

titanfall mech image

Titanfall may be an Origin exclusive. A listing was spotted on Green Man Gaming which shows that EA’s digital service is required for Titanfall. The game is being published by EA and developed by Respawn Entertainment, and has been announced for the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and the PC.

This could be a major dealbreaker for most PC gamers who prefer having all their games on Steam, however, take this as a rumour for now until confirmed by EA.

Origin requirement isn’t a surprise because EA will most likely look to push the service by tying games such as these. Battlefield 3 didn’t come out on Steam and was an Origin exclusive but the sales did not suffer due to that. Origin has been growing rapidly and looks like a worthy competitor to Steam.

Check out the Green Man Gaming screengrab below. The listing can be found here.

titanfall origin

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  • Techies

    I bought BF3 on Origin and realized how bad Origin is, Not going to make the same mistake, So will all the gamers who hated Origin, Sales will suffer if this is true.

    • Matt

      This would’ve been true at launch but origin isn’t that bad now… I don’t have any problems and it even uses less memory than Steam.

    • Turo Orvel

      I got BF3 right at launch and haven’t really got any bigger problems.

  • Matt

    Origin isn’t as bad as it was when it launched… all those stereotypes should be dropped by now. If you want to play BF3 or BF4 on PC then you have no reason to complain.

  • Only me. Is it? Yes it is !!

    I love Steam and think it’s the best thing that has happened to PC gaming over the years.
    Origin is, now, a very good service. Not perfect and not as good as Steam but it’s a worthy competitor for Steam and should keep both at the cutting edge of PC gaming distribution.
    I’ve had problems with Origin recently with Crysis installations but other than that it’s OK.
    I would prefer Titanfall to be released on Steam. I rust them more.
    Anything EA gets it’s hands on seem to be a massive capitalist corporate shareholder greedy fat cat party. Forgets the consumer/gamer.

  • Turo Orvel

    I don’t really mind but it would of course be great to have it in steam too. Origin has worked just fine with the few games i have there. Competition is good and steam needs it.

  • A.J

    Hopefully they would improved Origin to a better standard to compete with Steam….

  • Good to hear

    I hated origin when it was release and haven’t gone back in while since BF3 was a bit of disappointment. Good to hear it’s improved, I might have to try it again now

  • nVy`

    So.. this overhyped game that millions would have bought.. is now going to fizzle on origin.. that’s hillarious =)

  • Rox

    I bought BF3 out of an impulse since the store I bought it from had sulprus of it so they were selling it cheap only 2-3 weeks after its release. However I took the game back to the store when I came down from the excitement and remembered that it required Origin. I turned around before getting even 50 meters away from the store and returned it. It seems they had hard time selling the game since it was on discount and they had a bin full of copies…

    “Origin didn’t affect sales” How can you know that?

  • Bizzclaw

    You’d think part of the license that goes with the use of valve’s source engine requires that if it is sold a digital distribution platform, that platform could only be steam.

  • Ryan Murphy

    Origin sucks, no matter how glitchy Steam is, it is way better.

  • Winterpwnd

    Origin sux just because all the installer issues + no support and/or retarded employees who don’t even know how to solve an issue and just use google + every steam user and cod PC fan would preffer it on steam where all his friends are and along with all his games. If it gets release on Origin, it wont get more than 20k players on release and will slowly die just like ghosts because the lack of people who actually can stand using origin.

  • thatGuy123

    I just don’t like having to run origin side by side to steam and origin also sucks so i bought another game instead of titanfall:(