Titanfall PC version to be re-engineered, Cloud benefits the Xbox One version

titanfall respawn featured

Respawn Entertainment has revealed the reason why Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure will be so vital to the Xbox One version of Titanfall.

The PC version of the game will contain some differences and won’t include some of the “nice-ities” that’s on the Xbox One version. They have said that the PC version will be re-engineered.

“You couldn’t make this game without having that kind of dedicated server support,” they said in a video interview. “We won’t get all the nice-ities on PCs that you get on Xbox One. There will be some re-engineering things.”

It’s not clear what will be the difference between the both version but cloud apparently helps developers to select a server closest to the player’s region reducing latency. There’s also some physics and AI computations that have been offloaded to the cloud.

You can check out the interview below.

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