Titanfall is Respawn’s New Game, Xbox One Exclusive

Respawn’s new game called TitanFall has been leaked and it will be released on the PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

The next-generation version is exclusive to Xbox One. The game was leaked via GameInformer cover which was spotted by NeoGAF members.

Earlier there were reports of an EA game being exclusive to Microsoft’s next-gen system and that is obviously true now. The game uses the Cloud which is a feature by Microsoft that developers can use to offload certain things like physics to Microsoft’s servers.

The Xbox 360 version is made by another team, it has been mentioned.

“After a bitter split with Activision and Call of Duty Respawn debuts its bold vision for next-gen multiplayer,” reads the GameInformer Magazine.

We will keep you updated once we get more information on the game.

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