Titanfall Closed Alpha Gameplay Video Emerges, Looks Stunning

titanfall mech image

Some people have already got their hands on an alpha version of Titanfall and here’s some footage of that. The game looks spectacular as expected even though the footage is offscreen. It will be released in March for the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

The YouTube footage will be removed soon as you are not supposed to upload videos, so watch it before its taken down.

Titanfall Gameplay

Here’s another video that probably won’t be removed.

  • http://ninsci.weebly.com/ ilovegoogleglass

    I’m surprised for how long this been up….

    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130


  • Guest

    I had such high hopes but this looks like TitanFail. Maybe it will play better then watching it in action, but I’ll rent it first.

    • cozomel

      Shut up you MS hater/Sony lover. What do those oh so witty Brits always say, “Pauper” station, ha ha, that is so freaking cool. But yeah, go back to your Pauper$tation. This game is tha shitz, BEST GAME EVA!!! And the P$4 wishes it could do these graphics

  • Wilwon

    The commercials looked so good but after watching this it looks like TitanFail! I will have to rent before I buy.

    • aawells07

      Why did you post twice? Once as Guest and then another under your username?

      • Wilwon

        Because I thought I was signed in.

  • Dennis Crosby

    Cellphone cameras ftw

  • tyropro

    they’re gone…

  • Iron Ballz

    I’m playing the closed alpha, and the game is amaaazing!!! please don’t rely on this low quality video!

    • cozomel

      OMG!! Golly gee wow! another FPS, whoopdidoo! And OH MY GAWD! its got mechs, thats so awesome! you know what else had mechs in it, KZ3. And the graphics, WOW! so ahead of anything else out there. Its not like any other FPS does 60fps or 720p and can do more than 6v6. Sign me up! So innovative!

      • Michael Cardwell

        Your dumb

        • klumminati

          You’re dumb….unless you were saying the he/she had actually owned a dumb……

      • Jessika S.


      • Theguywhoplaysgamestotalkshit

        Hahaha I see your points but did you actually play the game? Again and again developers prove you critics wrong specs look good on paper but its what you can do with the software and hardware combined to make something magical. Just give it a try if you still hate it go on with your life.

  • TJ

    can’t wait to cop in March

  • Theguywhoplaysgamestotalkshit

    I CAN ALREADY TELL IM GONNA BE SO GOOD AT THIS GAME GOD!!!!!! BRING ME TITANFALL BRING ME BAD KIDS BRING ME GAMEBATTLES http://gamebattles.majorleaguegaming.com/xbox360/call-of-duty-modern-warfare-2/team/we-hate-teamz

    Just peep that record and then talk shit to me I’m better than 98% of the competition ill admit pros obviously are better than me but not all of them. I can easily compete just don’t cause school comes first killing noobs second.