Titanfall 2: Two New Trailers Showing Campaign and MP

titanfall 2

EA and Respawn Entertainment have released two new trailers for Titanfall 2 which was announced a few months ago. The game will have a singleplayer campaign this time which was missing in the first game.

The campaign is said to “explore the unique bond between man and machine.” It remains to be seen if the campaign can match the one in Call of Duty games but considering Respawn has a lot of talent they could pull it off.

They also released the multiplayer trailer which shows classic Titanfall gameplay. There are some new mechs and they do some new tricks. There’s a grappling hook that encourages verticality and lot of other movement options.

The game was announced for the PS4 as well and will also be on the Xbox One and PC platforms. Earlier we were shown that mechs could use swords.

Check out the two trailers below.

Singleplayer trailer:

Multiplayer trailer:

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