Titan MMO cancelled by Blizzard, “Didn’t find it fun”

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A sequel to World of Warcraft–one of them most popular MMOs–has been cancelled by Blizzard because they didn’t find it fun. The MMO was named Titan and first leaked out in 2007.

Blizzard’s CEO Mike Morhaime told Polygon the reason for the cancellation in an exclusive interview, although, technically they hadn’t revealed the game.

“We had created World of Warcraft, and we felt really confident that we knew how to make MMOs,” he revealed.”So we set out to make the most ambitious thing that you could possibly imagine. And it didn’t come together.

“We didn’t find the fun. We didn’t find the passion. We talked about how we put it through a reevaluation period, and actually, what we reevaluated is whether that’s the game we really wanted to be making. The answer is no.”

Their next project is unclear right now but after the success of Diablo 3 Ultimate Edition on PS4 and Xbox One and Hearthstone, they shouldn’t be in a hurry to make the next big thing.

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