This is the most powerful PvP weapon in Destiny and it’s impressive

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A Destiny gamer got this weapon after he completed the Vault of Glass on hard. And it completely destroys people and it’s not even arguable. It’s an exotic called Vex Mythoclast.

Bungie has announced that there will be some changes to the loot system and you will be able to get legendaries and exotics easily, so if you ever get this weapon, you better keep it.

The other gun that comes close is the Suros which is on sale with Xur: The Legend of Nine right now. Here’s his location in case you have 23 strange coins to purchase it.

The gun is most definitely getting a nerf but since very few people will be able to get it, Bungie might let it stay for a longer time.

Check out the impressive video below and how he destroys most people with the gun.

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  1. Punkindrublic1

    September 29, 2014 at 8:43 pm

    I picked up the Suro’s for 23 strange coins and now I only have 1 coin but it was worth it. This auto rifle is awesome. I used to really like the scout rifle and wasn’t so big on the autos but man has this gun change my mind on that. I highly recommend it if the nine comes around again and he has it for sale.

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