This Guy Has Managed To Amass 224 PS4 Games In Just 2 Years

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Now, if you have owned a PS3 or Xbox 360 since launch you probably own 100 or more games for it. The PS4 is just 2 years old and this Twitter user @VHyttinen has managed to amass a gigantic collection of 224 games.

He posted an image on Twitter which was retweeted by Adam Boyes who was obviously stunned and asked him how many platinums he had.

You can check out the image below and as you can see he has a bunch of collector’s editions as well. Now when you see people saying the PS4 has no games, just show them this image to shut them up.

Even I didn’t know it was possible to buy so many physical copies of PS4 games and I hope he makes a list of all the games he owns.

Pretty impressive I must say, and this is what you call a hardcore PlayStation fan.

ps4 224 games

  • Dean Winchester

    ps4 sucks its too overated