There is a petition that Demands Cancelation of Far Cry 5

When Ubisoft revealed Far Cry 5 there was a little bit of tension in the air considering the divisive period America is going through. Some people have found it offensive that the game mocks rural Americans and sides with liberals.

There’s a petition that wants Ubisoft to cancel Far Cry 5. Now obviously that’s not gonna happen, because the reveal trailer showed that Ubisoft actually didn’t go too far with the game.

The petition has a few demands about diversifying the enemies, altering the plot and changing the setting. It’s not clear whether this is a real or a troll petition but some people clearly have their sentiments hurt by the reveal of the game.

So far it only has around 250 signatures so it won’t likely go anywhere. The petition is being mocked on Twitter as well.

You can check out the reveal teasers here. The petition can be found at