The Wonderful 101 is a short game, but you “will have lot of fun”

Hideki Kamiya has once again took to Twitter and said something unpleasant that Atsushi Inaba has to clarify.

He said that The Wonderful 101 isn’t a long game and if you hate finishing games the next day then you probably shouldn’t buy it. He creates games for fun and not for length.

Inaba understandably did damage control since a lot of people were misunderstanding Kamiya’s words. He said that the game is so much fun that you will wear out your Wii U controller. He emphasized on the fun part and what separates Platinum Games from the other studios out there.

Here’s what he wrote:

I promise there will be plenty of news about the game in the days and weeks to come. But I will say this – Everyone here is working incredibly hard to make sure you say two things about TW101. One: I’m happy I bought a Wii U Two: I’m happy I bought The Wonderful 101.

You have to kind of feel sorry for him. Kamiya needs to keep quiet and not create such controversies that will put pressure on Platinum Games. Here’s a screengrab of the tweet.

hideki kamiya wonderful 101 tweet

Damn right he did. What do you feel about this entire thing? Let us know below.