The Witcher 3 to be unveiled early 2013 by CD Projekt RED

I bet you didn’t know that The Witcher 3 is actually far ahead in development at CD Projekt RED.

In fact, it has just been confirmed that the second AAA project at the studio–which is mostly likely The Witcher 3–is ready to be revealed this year, and their other project Cyberpunk 2077 is not as far ahead development-wise as this game.

This shouldn’t be a surprise, however, because The Witcher 2 lacked significant end game content and it seems they needed more time to develop content. They basically have all the core things ready so it’s just a matter of concentrating on creating new assets.

The information about the game’s unveil this year comes via an interview with Polish TVN CNBC, which confirmed that their second project is far ahead in development than their new IP.

CDPR will also be releasing a new trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 this week. So plenty of awesome things from the publisher is in stored for their fans worldwide. The Witcher 2 came out for the Xbox 360 last year and was one of the most critically acclaimed games on the system.

Via NeoGAF.