The Witcher 3: Here’s How To Access New Game + After Installing

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Some people are having problems in figuring out how to access new game + in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Well, fret now, we’re here to help.

First make sure you have downloaded the DLC from the PSN Store or Steam etc. and then go in-game to check if you can find it in the downloadable content section in the main menu.

Once it’s there, all you have to do is load a saved game in which you have completed the main story. You will get a prompt telling you that new game + has been unlocked.

Save the game and quit to the main menu. From here, click on New Game, then the difficulty, then tutorial on/off, emulate The Witcher 2 save, and finally you will see an option for New Game +.

Select New Game + and then the save in which you have beaten the game and voila!

Here’s a video which shows you how to do it.

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