The Witcher 3 Details: Geralt Can Jump, Dodge, Consequence System, More

The Witcher 3 12

We have some new details on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It details what Geralt can do in the game along with some additional information on the choice and consequence system.

The console versions will be running at 30fps but it’s not clear whether they are targeting 1080p resolution. The game will not contain overt tutorial and mechanics will be gradually introduced. Geralt can now dodge and this makes it closer to the pirouettes found in the books.

There’s a choice and consequence system where Geralt can choose to execute or spare bandits. However, the bandits are lootable in either situation.

If Geralt is surrounded by a pack of monsters he will be able to change his stance accordingly. There’s a Witcher sense in the game which allows Geralt to see enemies’ weak points.

We earlier covered that the game would be massive and would take 50 odd hours to beat and this has been confirmed again. The main story will take players 40-50 hours to complete and the side quests will add another 40-50 hours to the game.

Storytelling is still the main priority in this game and being an open world won’t change that. There are some new locations in the game like Skellige: Nordic-style archipelago, Slavic-like No Mans Land and city of Novigrad.

Source – Edge Magazine.