The Sly Collection for Vita rated by ESRB

On the heels of Jak and Daxter Collection for the PS Vita, we have another one headed to the system.

The Sly Collection which was released for the PS3 earlier this year has been rated for the Vita by the ESRB. This means that it’s as good as confirmed. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, the latest installment of the series, developed by Sanzaru Games, was also on the Vita, so it’s nice to actually get previous games ported to the system as well.

This kind of shows a growing trend of HD Collections released for the PS3 ending up on the Vita. It’s a good thing though so no one should be opposed to it, surely?

Here’s a screengrab of the ESRB rating:

  • Gabriel Lage Pessoa

    Please 60fps!!!! biggest bummer of thieves in time was that 30fps

    • Christos-34

      I don’t see I it wouldn’t be 60fps, if the PS2 could handle this game in 60fps it means the vita can have upgraded graphics AND running it at 60fps because its more powerful than the PS2.