The Sims 4 to be revealed today by EA

A latest installment in the Sims franchise could be revealed on today by EA.

The publisher has registered The Sims 4 domain and it points to The Sims website. Several fansites have also been invited to an event where “something big” is about to be revealed.

Meanwhile, The Sims Russian twitter account has also tweeted that “the following week, life will change simmer”, and asked whether people like to play online with their friends or not.

Take this with a pinch of salt for now, but it looks likely that this is most definitely The Sims 4.

We will keep you updated once we heard something from EA. After the SimCity debacle, are you still interested in this game which looks to have a significant online component? Let us know below.

Check out the screenshot for the domain registration.

the sims 4 domain