The Reason Why Razor doesn’t make PlayStation Products Is Bizzare

Razor CEO Min-Liang-Tan doesn’t seem to be a fan of the PS3 as he recently tweeted that his PS3 gathers dust and he will be using it to play The Last of Us.

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He also revealed that the only game he played on the system that he enjoyed was Infamous 2. This is the reason why his company doesn’t make PlayStation products.

He has a policy that the products his company makes should be something he really wants.

There’s no need for PlayStation fans to see this as something negative because why would they want shoddy products only created for a single purpose of making money instead of actually thought put behind it?

He also revealed that they may make stuff for the PS4 but he can’t promise anything.

  • Magilla187

    wow, well i do hope so i would like a KB+M for the PS4 pretty sure they will do this (sony)

  • Kallen Williams

    that’s just short sighted. If you have a good product and it has better performance and design that what exists, so what if you personally wouldn’t use it. That’s simply egotistical and it’s costing this guy an income. sure, his perogative, but why base a console on 1 shitty game. I used to dislike the wii until i tried about 50 different games to find something i did like. really the only thing keeping ppl from owning every console and game is money, i’m sure he has the money to find a ps3 game he does like, he’s simply choosing to be ignorant.