The PS4 Camera Will Be Sold Separately

There has been a lot of speculation whether the PS4 camera will be bundled or sold separately.

The Xbox One’s Kinect sensor has been confirmed to be packed-in with each console, so what about Sony? It looks like the company won’t do the same and the camera will be sold separately.

At the end of this DualShock 4 video (2:30), it states that: “PlayStation camera may be required and is sold separately.”

This is good since the cost of the console won’t be too high as these accessories could raise the cost if bundled together.

The PS4 camera is required for some DualShock 4 functions and Mark Cerny had earlier said that both these devices were designed together. This is not an official confirmation by any means, but the disclaimer makes it clear that the camera won’t be bundled together with the system.

dualshock 4 video


  • devlar

    It’s simply this: The video is for the controller. The camera is sold separately to the controller, not the ps4. You can buy a 2nd DS4 but it won’t come with a camera.

    • joe

      “the very popular kinect”? hmmmmm I’m not so sure about that.

    • Denglar

      Whilst you could be right, if it was bundled with the system they might not need to mention that it’s sold separately, the ps4 is required for all functions but they don’t mention that that is sold separately. I’m not saying you’re wrong, just that we aren’t sure yet =)

    • Devon Humpert

      I’m sure it’ll be included with the PS4. Just how much Sony plans on actually using it is unknown. Hopefully they consider it an add-on to the PS4 and not a requirement like the Kinect is of the Xbox One.

  • Edonus

    Sony isn’t stupid enough to sell the camera separately. They would nullify features built in to the controller. With out a camera the light bar is useless. Then they would fragment their market which would make devs not as inclined to use the features.

    And to top it off they dont want to appear to have less than the XBOX ONE which has made the very popular kinect sensor standard for every system.

    Like I said Sony isnt that stupid.

    • clearwoodbellawater

      i personally hope they are selling it separately….ultimately the only feature that i heard at the conference that would require the eye will be the switching of split screen if a player moves….theoretically, the ds4’s light bar would’nt be useless without it, still lighting up a different color for each player, and could still throw the mood lighting stuff they mentioned….not including the eye will bring the cost down for retail, and the split screen feature, while cool, wouldn’t necessarily be something that everyone needs, so i think sony would be stupid to bundle it with every console because that is exactly what ms is doing, something that many people are upset about…unless there is more functionality to the combo of the ds4 & eye that doesn’t involve motion gimmick stuff, not requiring the eye is a very smart business move actually, it’s just one more thing that seperates the ps4 from the xbone

      • Edonus

        Your attitude is exactly why Sony hides the true function of their camera.
        First lets put things in perspective. Kinect hate it or love it is a runaway success. If you stay in the core bubble they would have you think kinect is a useless piece of tech that doesn’t work and has struggled to stay relevant. Truth is the only people that don’t like kinect is the core market. Since kinect launched it has reached an installed base of almost 1/3 of the 360 market and its only been 3 years with moderate support. If you take just kinect since it launched it has sold more software (and this just kinect exclusives) than all of the Ps4s exclusives combined during the same time.

        So basically if you are a company you want kinect. Sonys camera is a 3d camera that can full body track players by ripping them out the background. It uses a rude method but it does a version of what kinect does. This allows them to compete in genres like dance games and fitness games which have been very successful. Not to mention new features that the devs are going to start putting into games like gesture controls and voice commands.

        Sony knows their audience but doesn’t know if their will be a backlash from the core market or if it will be like admitting kinect set a great method of interaction up that if they don’t have it will cripple them in the real world. Not to mention kinect still runs circles around what they are offering. Basically with out the camera standard they will get out paced and they know it.

        • clearwoodbellawater

          i know the kinect has sold very well, but i haven’t seen any statistics on the actual games, but i would have to assume that the vast majority of it is shovelware, similar to what the wii ended up with, a few great first party games and a lot of garbage that people might have bought, but they only played once and were disappointed….so if sony were to try to grab this market, they would be doing so knowing that they will probably feel burned ultimately, core gamer or not….the wii has experienced a huge backlash as a result of the quality of their last console, and they are paying for that this gen in the sales department (for now at least), so to me it ultimately boils down to, do you go for every genre that sells, even if you risk alienating your fan base and most people that buy the units, or do you forego the gimmicks until they produce features that make it a truly viable platform, and work the long game? Sony probably can’t afford to go the long game route this gen, but i personally would appreciate it….i don’t like having to buy something that has no connection to the games i want to play, and forcing people to buy it anyway (it’s not “included” in the box only, it is represented in the final price as well) is an unfair and shady business practice in my eyes….either go whole hog like the wii did, making it the primary input, or let me have the decision to buy it or not….sales does not equal quality these days, maybe a handful of people love their kinects and play exclusively with them, but i can guarantee that a vast majority of those 3 million are collecting dust in a box somewhere

    • Spaceman

      Are you for real? Sony has made more stupid mistakes than any other company this gen.

      • Holyfire

        These last 2 posts were the most intelligent ones I read. Urs in particular spaceman was hillarious cause I was thinking the exact same response LMAO

    • Yisa Yussuf

      what makes you so sure the features that link the light bar and camera are so good? what have you heard we haven’t. All i’ve heard is that a different colour will represent each player as opposed to to traditional 1/2/3/4 and of course used for tracking for ps Move games (which frankly i have no interest in) The camera i believe will be primarily used for such Move type games which you will need to buy a camera seperatly for as advertised in the above video.

      Your whole comment confuses me… ”sony wont be so stupid to do so”, yet they have confirmed in the video that i will be? And at the moment the cards are being held more closely to their chest than ever so to state this is kind of set in stone. And you say they wont want to seem to be offering less than xbox as they have a camera bundled…. again that doesnt hold water, the only reason kinect is bundled is because it is mandatory for the box to even turn on, which is indefinitely going to mean the box will cost more than if it were not mandatory.

      Sony will be distancing itself as far away from Microsoft as possible…

      • Edonus

        I was a big fan of motion gaming including kinect so I followed the progress and what devs were trying to do. I recently saw a MS video of a guy playing a game using kinect and the controller to do something a Sony rep was talking about doing in a game with the lightbar on the controller. That lets me know the devs have been talking and there is a common thread for use.

        You cant see what I am saying because you have a corrupted base in your logic. You believe “the only reason kinect is bundled is because it is mandatory for the box to even turn on”…. they could easily make so it doesnt need kinect they wanted that way. Kinect is now a part of the system, it is as much a part of the console as the controller or hard drive, they have an experience that they are pushing and they dont want it hindered by dumb logic and foolish apprehensions. Sony has seen that vision and knows they have to compete with it. Even if it isnt as robust or refined.

        The video only confirms that the camera wont be sold with the controller, which it wont have to if its included with the system.

  • Mitchings

    I’m hoping devlar^ is correct.

    Selling it separately to the console would be a terrible idea; it will fail if that’s the case.

    • Spaceman

      It will fail even when bundled as it can’t replicate Kinect in functionality and the DS4 can’t replicate Move either.

  • John

    It would be ideal to have it bundled with the ps4. However, the ones that are sold individually are for replacements just in case something happened to the one that is packaged with.

  • Jewy McJew

    The PS Eye is simply not technologically competitive against Kinect 2. I am hoping they put the camera on pause for retooling and sell the PS4 as inexpensively as possible!

    • joe

      The only thing that I’ve seen the kinect do that is aimed at consumers is the voice recognition and listening functionality. Otherwise, all the other technological advancements are aimed at allowing Microsoft to control and gather information on you. In fact the PSeye once bundled with the controller or the Move wand seems to offer more in terms of playability.
      Edit: I’m sorry the original kinect was better for dancing games, so yeah it does have that. Although we don’t know what the new PSeye is capable of, especially since it now boasts two cameras like the kinect, whereas the old one only had one.

      • Jewy McJew

        Although I am not a fan of motion controls, Kinect 2 is actually very impressive with it’s ability to see in the dark, gauge depth through timing the photons, wide angle, multii-mic setup, etc..

        It’s nothing like the original kinect which was a slow hot mess.

        As for MS using kinect to gather info for its own evil design… I wouldn’t be too worried :)

    • Spaceman

      Kinect >>> PSEye. PSEye is even worse than the first Kinect in capabilities and it even has the first one’s nodding.

    • PixelOmen

      Way to talk out of your ass. You could be right, but they haven’t shown anything yet…

  • G

    No it won’t be. Way to spout off nonsense at the mouth from no verifiable source.

    Here is what we were told at the PS 4 Unveiling just in case you missed it. an updated version of the move technology will be imbedded inside every Dualshock 4 controller. The updated Camera ships with every system.

    So you decide to just ignore all this to make “waves” pathetic.

  • DFP

    I think this could be seen as a clear indicator to purchasers that the 1984-ish big brother features will not be forced on you.