The Order: 1886 Uses an In-House Engine, 80 developers working on it

the order 1886 screenshot 1

Sony’s next-gen IP which was shown at E3 by Shuhei Yoshida will be exclusive to the PS4 and we have some new details on it.

The game uses an in-house engine, and most Sony’s first-party developers will be working on their own tech. Ready at Dawn isn’t first-party but it’s nice to see them churning out something they can call theirs.

The engine is quite sophisticated too based on the materials released by the studio. Below you can see their textile acquisition process.

They have also released some images which show the game’s texture crispness among other things.

There are 80 developers working on the game and it shows the alternate history 19th century London.

the order 1886 screenshot 2

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  1. Jewy McJew

    July 28, 2013 at 11:38 pm

    Sony is making a terrible mistake. Instead of developing technology that is used once and then tossed, EA has all of its studios using the same engine. Thousands of employees trained on one piece of tech and learning to live within its limitations.

    Only the companies that stop re-inventing the wheel will succeed in this competitive market.

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