The Order: 1886 is Guerrilla Games’ New PS4 IP

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has filed for a trademarked called The Order: 1886.

Now based on the filing you probably wouldn’t know type of game it is, but this suggests that it’s something that they will be releasing on the PS4. The description for the trademark states that it’s “Computer game software; Video game software.”

It’s a known thing that Guerrilla Games are working on two games for the PS4; one is Killzone: Shadow Fall, and another an unannounced new IP.

Why we think this latest trademark is what the studio is developing is because the IP application office used to register this is situated in the Benelux, which contains all three countries Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

The studio is based in the Netherlands. So yeah… pretty straightforward isn’t it? However it’s not final until it’s announced.