The Order: 1886 First Review Out: Incredible Visuals, Poor Pacing and More

the order 1886 screenshot 1

The Order: 1886 for the PS4 has seen its share of controversies mainly relating to the game length. It’s a single player only game so people are skeptical as to whether they will be getting their money’s worth or not.

The game will be out this week and we finally have the first review for the game published by JVM, which is a French magazine.

They have given the game 15/20, which is a decent score. They praise the game for having gorgeous visuals and a very good soundtrack.

However, they have also noted that the pacing of the game and the stealth sections are not so good, but the atmosphere and the universe of the game is so compelling that “you want to dive in and immerse yourself.”

More reviews will be out soon but don’t expect the game to get perfect scores. It looks likely to be a polarised game but one thing is certain though; the visuals are going to be spectacular.

The score and summary of the review can be found below.