The New God of War to Be Extremely Brutal And Visceral – Sony

God of War 3 set the benchmark in how gory games are looked upon by the industry and what gamers can expect from video games. It seems that the upcoming God of War game will be equally gory if not more according to Sony’s Asad Quizilbash.

He also called the game most brutal God of War ever and also mentioned that the combat will no longer be Kratos vs many enemies but 1 or 2 enemies which will make the combat more intense.

Kratos’ axe can be upgraded as well and it is made by the same dwarfs that made the Thor’s Hammer.

He said this in a Twitch interview which you can check out below. The interview starts at 5:30 and he says it at 5:36. The game comes out next year on the PS4 and PS4 Pro.

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