The Last of Us Video Guide: All Shiv Doors Locations and Ellie’s Jokes

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The Last of Us was released on June 14th and the game has received incredible critical response so far. It’s a lengthy game and will last you at least 15-20 hours for a playthrough and it is also difficult to unlock trophies.

The game also contains a lot of miscellaneous things you can find and do, and it is difficult to find them all in one playthrough. It has chapter select and a new game plus option so if you know where the locations are you can go back and get them.

Our guide shows how to get these optional things.

The Last of Us: All Shiv Door Locations:

There are a total of 13 Shiv doors in the game. Shiv’s are knives which can be used to kill enemies or open doors and it’s recommended that you don’t waste them on enemies because you will be needing them to open doors.

The Last of Us: All of Ellie’s Jokes

This is pretty straightfoward. There are 5 jokes in the game, check out the video below to find them all.