The Last of Us: “The World is ripe For More Stories,” says Naughty Dog

the last of us 2

It’s a known fact that Naughty Dog has registered The Last of Us 2 and 3 domains. Some may say it’s just a defensive attempt to secure domains, but considering the critical acclaim The Last of Us has got, it won’t be surprising if Sony and Naughty Dog want to make more games in the future.

The IP has a lot of promise and in an interview Neil Druckmann hinted that they may make more games in the future. However, The Last of Us’ story is complete and you probably won’t see Joel and Ellie in the next game.

“We’ve spent a lot of time researching the world and the disease and how institutions react to a pandemic,” he said. “But then a lot of that stuff is in the background and we’re very conscious of keeping it there. Because that’s not what the story is about – it’s about these two characters and the journey they go on.

“I think the world is ripe for more stories, but as far as the journey Joel and Ellie goes on it ends with this game. We were very conscious that we didn’t want to leave this story dangling. If we never do a sequel we’re ok with it, because we told the story we needed to tell.”

We recently did a nice piece on the game and its similarities to other post-apocalyptic games and it shows that there is definitely is a lot of potential for a sequel with a new character cast.

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