The Last Of Us: Similarities With Other Post-Apocalyptic Worlds In Gaming

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With The Last Of Us coming out in a week I thought it would be a good idea to look back at some other post-apocalyptic games that remind me of Last Of Us. Right now reviews are just stating to come in and things are looking great for Naughty Dog’s newest IP. Reviewers everywhere are calling The Last Of Us “A masterpiece” (IGN) and “The defining game of this generation” (Geoff Keighley). Right now Metacritic has The Last Of Us sitting pretty at a score of 96/100 with an astonishing 27 perfect scores! So let’s take a look at some other post-apocalyptic games similar to The Last Of Us.

The first game were gonna look at is Dead Island by Deep Silver. I know what you’re thinking, Naughty Dog did everything they could to separate The Last Of Us from all those other zombie games. Well you’re right and they have done a great job at it! Zombie’s aren’t why I am comparing these two games, its the audio. Have you ever played Dead Island in the dark and alone?

It can really get to you. Dead Island does a great job of instilling fear with its audio. No matter where you are there’s always the sense something is just around the corner ready to tear into you because of the constant moans and groans of zombies all over.

The Last Of Us has taken that premise and run wild with it. You might not always hear people or clickers but when you do it’s terrifying. Going into an area with no light and knowing there could be something in there ready to sprint at you with no regard for its own life is bad enough, but when you add their screeching, clicking screams and the fact that you just used your last bullet to put down that hunter a few minutes ago, its down right terrifying. Naughty Dog has done a great job of making this game tension filled and scary through just the sound alone and it’s brilliant.

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Personally I am hoping they release a custom audio setting for the pulse elite edition headset like Bioshock Infinite did. Can you imagine being able to turn off the listen ability that lets you see where enemies are by the noise they make and still be able to have an idea of where they are just by you actually listening yourself? It would be amazing and as I have said before this is a feature I think all AAA games that come out on PS3 should take advantage of.

The next game we’ll look at is I Am Alive made by Ubisoft. I Am Alive is as close as you will get to The Last Of Us, just without monsters. In the game you’re a regular guy trying to survive just like Joel is. Surrounded by decaying buildings and collapsing bridges you’re on your own trying to survive while staying ever vigilant of the other survivors who like you are willing to do anything they need to keep breathing.

Ammo is limited and encounters with other survivors easily turn deadly. Sound familiar? This was a really challenging game and if you cant wait for The Last Of Us I suggest going and downloading this game right away. You wont regret it.

The Last Of Us takes this notion of every man for himself in a post-apocalyptic world and makes it even better! Encounte’s with clickers might be deadly but at least they cant shoot at you like some survivors you meet.Add to that the real time crafting system that you will be using to make anything from a shiv from some scissors and tape to Molotov cocktails from alcohol and a rag and you have yourself the most realistic post-apocalyptic survival game on the market today…unless you count the Day Z mod since if you die in that there is no coming back.

Just like I Am Alive, fights are brutal and realistic. It doesn’t take much to get killed but it takes everything you’ve got plus some to survive.

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The last game we’ll take a look at is Enslaved: Odyssey To The West by Ninja Theory. Enslaved is all about protecting a young girl while on your journey just like The Last Of Us. She is smart and capable of protecting herself on her own just like Ellie.

In battle she can handle herself nicely taking some of the heat off of you but still needing protection in the long run. Outside of battle she can help you get to places you wouldn’t be able to normally get to by crawling through small spaces and opening paths for you. She is a great companion and always useful.

The Last Of Us once again takes this idea and doubles down on it. While Playing through The Last Of Us you will be protecting Ellie just about as much as she protects you. At first she wont be quite as useful but as the story goes on you watch her learn and grow eventually becoming an invaluable friend and companion. Not only will she be able to fight along side you when needed and save your ass when your pinned down by hunters by chucking a brick at someone’s head.

She will also scavenge for things that will be useful like ammo and other craftable items. Ellie will be able to make her way into areas you can’t to open doors for you making her a great companion to keep around.

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When you’re not in combat she is going to be looking around at things laying around from a world she has never known since she was born after the epidemic. Things like movies and records are an amazement to her having know nothing but the safe zone she grew up in.

If you take these three games put them together, add a pinch of tension, a heaping spoon full of story and a mountain of graphical beauty what you are left with is Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us, due out June 14th exclusively for the PlayStation 3. Keep an eye out here on Gamechup for our review shortly after the release of the Last Of Us and as always we would love to hear what you think in the comments section below.

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