The Last of Us new Info: Joel has own hit detection, no blindfire, more

We have some new details on The Last of Us and these don’t feature any story spoilers, so you can read it without worrying.

These details are from M! Magazine Germany’s preview of the game apparently and was posted on GAF by a user who had the magazine. A demo will be released in May as well. The checkpoints are said to be generous in the demo.

The main protagonist Joel is said to have his own hit detection, and if he gets shot in the left arm you would see him hold his injured arm with his right hand. It will also lead to blood loss and the screen would turn red.

To fix it, you need to remove the bullet out of the wound, disinfect it with alcohol or antiseptic and bind the wound.

The game behaves dynamically and if you are injured after getting shot, you can’t use the shotgun immediately with perfect precision, the cross hair will be unstable. There are no health kits around but you can use toilet paper and rubber band to bind the wound.

There’s no blindfire in the game. As revealed earlier, the bullets are rare and you have to make your shots count. If you press the R1 button without aiming, it will open up the crafting menu.

You only punch with your fists in close combat if you don’t have a close combat weapon such as a brick equipped or in your bag. If you press the punch button he will automatically get the close combat weapon out of his bag or back and punch with it.

The listen mode can be disabled and if you use headphones you can hear every sound the infected are doing. The sound design seems to be really fantastic. Listen mode enables you to see through walls and it’s nice that it can be disabled.

Thanks, GAF.

  • Ricky

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      It’s Naughty dog. You know the company that made 3 critically acclaimed games this generation?

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  • Curt John

    Sounds delightfully impressive. I am absolutely ready for this to be the best experience of this gaming generation, over-hype be damned.