The Last of Us: ND working on SP DLC, Characters to Return

the last of us featured image

Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley are doing an AMA right now on Reddit where they are answering tons of questions.

They revealed that they are currently working on the SP DLC for TLOU right now but didn’t mention which character will return. I guess that would be a spoiler then, won’t it?

“Currently working on single-player DLC. Talking about other ideas,” Druckmann wrote on Reddit.

There’s not a lot of new things there but he also revealed that they are owned by Sony and it would be impossible to see their games on other platforms.

He also revealed that growing to become a multi-project company was the most difficult thing they faced, and there are two separate teams working on different projects.

Naughty Dog had revealed earlier that The Last of Us 2 was a possibility and only the current journey of Joel and Ellie was complete.

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