The Last of Us: Images of Funny Easter Eggs

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Naughty Dog has put a lot of Easter Eggs in The Last of Us and here’s some of them we’ve found. The game came out on June 14 and has been a massive critical success currently averaging at 95 on Metacritic.

You will be pleased to know that Justin Bieber is the star of Uncharted 13. Well, not really but check them all out below. There are 6 images in total and you can use the previous and next buttons below to browse through them.

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Justin Bieber the star of Uncharted 13.

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  • Kenny Stimmel

    In bills basement there’s an album called “the shambala’s” a location from uncharted. maybe a teaser were going back to shambala in UC4?

  • minecraft555

    that uncharted easter egg makes so much sense, think about it, all that supernatural stuff was all just a movie in last of us universe! omg!

  • Strange Times

    that uncharted board game actually exists in real life. I have seen it in a few stores.

  • Guilherme Moraes

    There’s an outdoor referencing some kind of Werewolf teen movie, Ellie even comments something about it. Clearly a reference to Twilight Saga.

    • Guilherme Moraes

      I meant to say a “Billboard”. We call it “Outdoor” in my language, sorry.

  • derp

    A shame they got rid of Crash Bandicoot. I would’ve loved to see an easter egg of him too :(