The Last of Us has a Save Glitch, Here’s What You Can Do

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The Last of Us comes out today worldwide and gamers seem to be enjoying one of the best games ever made. However, some of them are reporting a glitch where the autosave simply stops working and this means your progress won’t be saved.

You will have to quit the game and it will start at the last section where the autosave successfully worked. The only thing you can do here is to constantly monitor your progress by pressing start and seeing the text “less than X minutes” on your screen. If you can see that then the autosave is working correctly, but if you see “autosaving, please wait“, then it’s time to quit the game.

Naughty Dog has not announced any patch for this and this doesn’t seem like a major issue if you pay attention to the autosave text in the pause menu.

Update: Naughty Dog has said that it’s a server side problem and has been fixed. Just restart the game and you won’t face this issue again. For people who have lost significant progress, unfortunately that can’t be recovered but your current working saves are safe. If you’re still unsure then you can just play offline.

neil druckmann

  • dani3121

    For me it is a major glitch

  • dave

    i got it too :(

  • Matt

    Wasn’t there a day one patch? I’m yet to pick this up and wondering have the people with the problem downloaded the patch or not

  • ubr

    Happened to me but I saved manually once and autosave restarted working fine.

    • SELENE


  • マリオ

    There’s a manual save option.

    • elle

      Yes but you are unable to manually save whilst experiencing the glitch. All save features become disabled, you cannot even exit to the menu.

  • adlez

    manual save, and work fine after…

  • svanja

    yep… happened to me. Really frustrating and yes, it is a major issue. Mine was stuck on Autosaving (without actually saving) which didn’t allow me to manually save at any point.

  • Jasra

    Four hours….. GONE

    • Eldin

      5 and a half here :(

  • DarthSharkey

    Not a major issue! Who pause a game every minute!

  • ffffffkkkkkk

    i played this game for 5 hours today, and realised it couldnt be saved
    all my progress f**king lost
    cheer naughty dog
    this is how you treat your fans

    • simon

      You say it as if they made the game do that? It’s a bug. Naughty Dog care tremendously about their fans, don’t be an ungrateful prick.

  • Mathew Woodman

    Doesnt seem to be a major issue….It’s a huge issue! I lost 2 hours play and some people have lost far more. What’s the point in creating this amazing world if I have to break the immersion every few minutes to check the start menu.

    The game however is brilliant, i’m sure the bug will be dealt with quickly.

  • mmankt

    lol happened to me today i wonder where will i be sent back..

  • DistortedDorian

    Lose 1 hour of game because of that and i cant continue the game because autosave doesnt work.
    And there is a graphic bug when sprinting and moving the camera fast.

  • liam1socool

    just this second happened to me, ps3 crashed, loaded TLoU back up, and the only save that is there is from like 2- 3 hours ago

  • TARDISkey123 Will Miss Matt!

    This has been a huge pain so far. Played a few hours into (up to the point where you’re in the underground train station) turned it off to have a break, came back only to find I had to start from scratch!

    • brianc6234

      At least it’s a great game. It would suck if you had to replay hours of a crappy game.

      • TARDISkey123 Will Miss Matt!

        True, absolutely loving it so far. And the offline technique is working wonderfully.

  • Luke Swain

    Got just after the train station and I found out it couldn’t be saved. Might go back to State of Decay for tonight, at least that saves my game. SMH

  • Jon

    Anyone else notice some of the audio dialog is missing? It could be the glitch because autosave isn’t working either. I’m at the part where you escort Ellie for the first time.

  • BOB

    i just wasted 5 hours of my amazing life -_-

  • Kenny Stimmel

    My BR drive died literally as I put last of us in. I wish I had the glitch, waitin on a replacment now tho just a few more hours…. After months of waiting.

  • mike

    I bought it today,played about 1 hour, and I wanted to have several saves, so I can restart like 5-10 minutes before a bad decision, or missing a trophy etc. But it was strange,the auto-save kept activated, and couldn’t save. Fortunately, I decided to shut down the game, in case I would play 4 or 5 hours, and the save function wouldn’t work.

    I don’t understand why it’s a bug on the server side… what if I’m not connected?
    Strange… :)

  • Sgt_dwy3r

    i was up to the part where there is a flooded subway station (just after a spoiler moment) and the glitch happened to me reset all my save data and now ive got to start all over again from the prolouge scene… ill forgive it though because its a brilliant game! :)

  • DarkSpirit

    I wish I knew this beforehand, I completed the game all the way trough and got ported back to roughly 60%

  • Hellwingz

    Happened to me. 6 hours wasted, what a load of crap! Im not starting from the beginning again. Im hoping someobe uploads a saved file so i can just continue where i left off

  • spydah

    i got the game at 10am ..started playing at 11am ..played till 5:45 pm straight today… i thought i need some rest so i turned off system.. tried playing it and im just at the part of the old joel.. :-(… its ok though.. game is too fun and too great!!

  • Dixikid23

    Got eight hours into the story only to lose my progress. Bit annoying, but this game. Wow, I forgive you Naughty Dog.

  • fareor .

    yehh. 5hrs unsafed progress. NO WAY I’m putting off my ps3 :S

    • Sebastian Mendez

      Yeah, I did the same. Just finished the game, and after the credits it tries to save, which it cannot, so……you will have to turn it of sooner or later

      • fareor .

        god damn… finished the game in the bug.. = No trophies and NO safe… Oh well, I think we can use that quote now…
        ‘After all we’ve been through, after all we have done… It can’t be for nothing’

  • Hanjoo

    9 fucking hours here FFS

  • Gourdo126

    Lost 5-6 hours of play not to mention the will to get back to where I was. Might be a while until I pick this game up again.

  • Donald talmadge

    I get to the safe house mission and it goes to a cinematic moment and my game just goes black I NEED HELP