The Last Guardian Listed by Major Retailer for 2013 PS3 Release

the last guardian featured

A major retailer in Portugal called FNAC has listed The Last Guardian for a 2013 release. According to them, it will be released on the PS3.

A GAF member found this on a store shelf at the retail store and he mentions that the retailer accurately leaked Gran Turismo 5 release date before.

“Just took these at the biggest retailer in Portugal, they don’t put these up on rumours. Same place I got the GT5 release date from and turned out to be correct. Says it’s coming out this year for PS3,” he wrote.

The same retailer had also leaked out Rayman Legends for Vita.

Check out the images below.

  • mike

    Maybe this will be officially announced at E3. Another great move from Sony.
    Announce this + shenmue , and 30-40 ps4 games, along with a ps3 price drop, and you win the E3.

  • ObsessedGeorge

    I want it for the PS4! I has shifted development to the PS4 quite some time now.