The Hardest Dungeon In Final Fantasy XV Offers An Incredible Challenge

So you have beaten Final Fantasy XV and have done all the normal dungeons in the game, so now what? Well there are post game dungeons that you can access within the normal dungeon after you get a key from an NPC called Azma who is located at the Hunter HQ.

Now you have to clear a series of dungeons which get more difficult as you go. The first one is just level 55 and can be cleared without major issues. The last one which is located at the Costlemark Dungeon is quite a tricky one to attempt.

For starters it is level 99 and your items are disabled which means you can’t generously use Elixirs and Hi-Elixirs to escape a tough situation. So how hard is it? Well, for starters there are about 50 to 60 floors, I haven’t paid attention. The last boss is called Bilrost and he’s a level 99 huge snake. So expect fire AOE attacks and other stuff.

That’s however not the hardest fight in the dungeon which I encountered. There’s a floor where you encounter 4 red giants who are level 90. It is advisable to kill at least one or two fast using Armiger or it’s a game over. There’s also a mid lvl 95 boss on floor 30.

This dungeon is difficult because you can’t use items and you need to know how the combat works. Make sure all characters are level 99 as well and you have a good loadout going which increases strength.

Here’s the video I took of the final boss. Here’s our review of the game.

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