The Evil Within new details: Cinematic Widescreen, Innovative traps, More

We have some new details on The Evil Within based on a video interview with Tango Gameworks’ Shinji Mikami.

The game was revealed last month and promises to be really scary. It will be released on current and next gen platforms as well. The main protagonist Sebastian is said to be a character with a strong personality.

The reason for this is that Mikami doesn’t like characters that scream, run away and go crazy like in some of the horror films out there. The PS4 version was confirmed earlier. The game runs on id Tech 5 and there were some story details revealed earlier.

Check out some of the details that were outed via the interview with The interview itself is in German but the details have been translated into English.

  • There’s practically no interface. Word labels for objects fade in and out when you get close to them.
  • There are not many sound effects and not much music. Shinji did say that in regards to sound, it will be used to signal events and information. He also said how there will be enemies that we won´t be able to see but we will be able to hear them (I think this is like when you hear the Tank in Left 4 Dead but you don´t know where it is).
  • There is not much colour in this game
  • One of the traps you can use is a Nail Bomb. The reporter said that you can set them behind doors and underneath windows.
  • The game has a circular style menu for the inventory and weapons. You can also quick select items that have been assigned to the d-pad on the controller.
  • The camera will focus in a little bit over the shoulder when you are aiming with your gun.
  • The game is designed to be in cinematic widescreen and so, when you have the game set in normal 16:9 ratio, black bars will appear on the screen.