The Evil Within Details: Story and Gameplay info, Game runs on id Tech 5

Tango Gameworks’ Zwei is now called The Evil Within. It’s  a action horror game.

We have some new information on what Shinji Mikami–the father of Resident Evil series–has been working on under Bethesda. The game uses id Tech 5 engine which is the latest engine from id, the creators of Doom and Rage.

The game features a state-of-the art lighting engine and is also a next gen game and will be released on the PS4 and Xbox 720 consoles, along with the current platforms as well like PS3 and Xbox 360. The game is also confirmed for the PC.

According to details from a supposed Japanese press release, we have some story details as well.

The game stars a man named Sebastian and his partner, who go to investigate the scene of a mass murder, but where a mysterious force is at work. Sebastian watches as more and more of the police force get killed before his eyes, and is attacked and knocked out. When he comes too, he must fight a world where monsters roam free and death and insanity live side-by-side. He will face unimaginable horrors where he must fight for his own survival. To discover the truth behind the force that lurks here, Sebastian must embark on a journey brimming with horror.

The game is said to be a right balance of horror and action and the developers want to redefine horror and are said to be going for a more difficult and intense experience.

the evil within logo

The game puts you in situations where you are desperately struggling to survive and facing scenarios of unimaginable horror. If you’ve seen the teaser trailer, posted below for your convenience, you’ll understand the type of horror you can face in the game.

The game will have limited resources and will also be full of puzzles and traps, and this is done so that the player can feel anguish, tension, and anxiety while playing the game. The world may be distorted to the player which can change enemies, doors, walls, objects or make the see some terrifying nightmares. These situations are said to be random and change in real-time.

The game world is said to be in-depth and you will be hunted by something mysterious and dark.  The game is scheduled for a 2014 launch on the aforementioned platforms.

Some info via Japanese press release.