The Elder Scrolls Online CE Revealed

the elder scrolls online imperial edition

Bethesda’s upcoming MMORPG named The Elder Scrolls Online will be receiving a collector’s edition called Imperial Edition. It was leaked on Amazon and we have the contents of it, which you can check out below.

  • Collector’s Edition Box & Steelbook Packaging
  • Molag Bal Statue – A collectible 12″ statue featuring Molag Bal, Daedric Prince of domination and enslavement
  • Map of Tamriel – A printed map detailing alliance-controlled zones and the ultimate conquest: Cyrodiil
  • Emperor’s Guide to Tamriel – A 224-page illustrated guide annotated by the Imperial scholar, Flaccus Terentius

The edition is said to feature exclusive digital content and you will also be able to play as an Imperial in any alliance, a White Imperial Horse, Mudcrab Vanity Pet, and the Rings of Mara.

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