The Division: How to Farm Phoenix Credits and Get Best Gear

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Phoenix Credits are an end game currency in Tom Clancy’s The Division which allows you to buy high-end gear from a vendor in the main base of operations.

If you were lucky to explore the Dark Zone before the nerf and accumulated around 500 credits then you can pretty much destroy anything in the game by purchasing high end gear.

Ubisoft has nerfed the drop rate so killing each named elite enemy will give you around 3 credits while before the nerf you used to get 15 credits. You can still farm them to get most of the gear you need.

The main way to get them is to do the daily hard missions which will net you around 30 credits. Challenge mode which is extremely difficult if you don’t have a decently geared group nets you a lot of credits but also requires you to put in a lot of effort.

Now you can take it slow and just grind these three missions everyday to accumulate credits or aggressively farm them to get great gear.

The best way to do this is to group up and go into the Dark Zone and kill bosses. Progress will be slow but you will earn a steady amount of Phoenix Credits. You can also farm the last mission on hard difficulty and you will get 5 Phoenix Credits on each run.

The special vendor is located inside the tech division and it is advisable to buy blueprints from him so you can craft as long as you have the required resources.

Try to accumulate 180 Phoenix Credits and buy the Black Market AK 74 assault rifle which will greatly increase your DPS. This will help you during farming runs and in the Dark Zone.

Remember, skills count as well so don’t go after higher numbers. A purple gear might be better than a high-end gear if the skills suit your build. You can also attach mods to your gear to increase respective stats.

Here’s a video showing you how to farm and buy gear. Here are some The Division low level tips and tricks to reach level 30 fast.