The Division Guide: Low Level Tips and Tricks to Excel in The Game

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So you just got The Division and have no idea what to do because let’s face it the map is confusing and there’s a big learning curve. Fear not though, we’re here to help! The Division is like an MMO where you level up find gear equivalent to your level, engage in missions on various difficulty and so on. Basically to simplify it, you find good loot and you do tough missions with that loot to get even better loot.

As soon as you’re dropped in the game, your first objective is to get to Manhattan. Done? Here’s what you can do next to accelerate your progress.

Find safe houses in each area: Safe houses let you fast travel, store and restock your items.

You can talk to the situation report guy in each safe house to unlock side missions. Side missions give you good XP and you can level up fast.

You can also go to the mission board in the safe house and unlock point of interests which gives you XP and supplies needed to upgrade medical, tech and security wing.

Your first objective should be to unlock the medical wing and the rest when you’re able to.

Do all the side missions and get supplies. Do the main missions to get a lot of XP and progress through the game.

You don’t have to explore the Dark Zone now although you need to be level 10-13 to survive.

Decrypt all the useless and low level items you get, it is better than selling them.

DPS is not the most important stat, some weapons or items could have bonuses that makes your character a lot stronger.

Stay tuned for more tips, tricks and suggestion to become a better Division player. Let us know any good tips you have in the comments section below.