The Division: Best Phoenix Credit and Materials Farm Location

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As with every MMO-type game the community usually finds out some way to exploit and do things that the developers didn’t intend. Phoenix Credits in The Division allows you to buy high-end items and is a very valuable currency. You can earn them by doing daily missions but we have a way to get tons of Credits by doing a specific thing.

Spawn to the Autumn’s Hope safe house and go out and take a right. You will find a bunch of enemies walking by, use pulse to spot the yellow one, kill him, grab loot and die. Respawn back to the safe house and repeat. This will allow you to earn tons of credits and also get a lot of materials by dismantling the purple gear he drops.

You can also get lucky and get a yellow Caduceus weapon drop. Here’s a video that shows how to do it. Here’s our review of the game, we gave it an 8/10.