The Crew has 10,000 km of Road, Size Is The Perfect Fit and Balance

the crew featured

Ubisoft have always been known for creating unique games. They specialize in the racing genre too along with open world games, and their latest next-gen IP called The Crew will be a massive game.

Ivory Tower COO Ahmed Boukhelifa told OPM that the game is really huge and features 10,000 km of road.

He also explained the advantages of creating such a game. It “opens the road to much, much more gameplay experiences than before. You have this huge open-world,” he said.

“We spent lots of time-building a physics model with the goal to create all the cars with differences in handling, but also to tune them and make them behave correctly whether you’re on a dirt track, completely off-road, roaming the mountains, on circuits.

“With this and the variety of the physics experience, all the cars in this huge open-world, we can really provide this a la carte experience of driving the way you want, as you want.”

The size won’t be a detriment according to him because he feels it’s the right balance.

“We thought ‘big’, because we want this exploration, we want to [be able to] cross the desert, but not to be too big for the experience that was there. So you are always one minute away from a challenge, a mission. So the size we have today, I think, is the perfect fit and balance for the game we wanted to do.”

The game was announced at E3 2013 and will be released on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. You can read more details on the game.