Thatgamecompany open to Wii U games but Flower/Journey exclusive to Sony platforms

thatgamecompany have revealed that they are open to developing games on other platforms like the Wii U but have no specific plans yet.

journey ps3

They answered a bunch of questions on Twitter and also explicitly mentioned that Flower and Journey are exclusive to Sony platforms and can’t be on the Wii U.

“#FlowerPS3 and #JournneyPS3 were funded in order to be exclusive to Sony’s platforms, so they can’t be on Wii U,” they tweeted.

These games were funded to be exclusive. Sony’s always tried to own the IP of games they’ve tried to fund, so this isn’t a surprise. Losing Crash Bandicoot was a learning lesson for them.

Their next game, however, won’t be exclusive to any platform. They have gone fully multiplatform after Journey, which recently broke even and they started making a profit on it.

“Correct. Our next game won’t be exclusive to any single platform, but it *could* be on one console, but open…,” their tweet reads.

Journey and Flower are both worth buying the PS3 and they also have a triple pack out in the EU, which is a good deal if you have never played these games.

Thanks Arai for the tip!