TGS 2014: MGS 5: TPP Gameplay Shows Incredible Tactics and Strategy

metal gear solid 5 ground zeroes screenshot 1

Big Boss is a wily man and this is clear to see in the new Tokyo Game Show 2014 gameplay of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain for PS4 and Xbox One.

Now this may be a little spoilerific to many but it does not really matter since people can use different strategies to take down enemies and the gameplay won’t be the same for everyone.

The gameplay also shows Quiet helping Big Boss. The action sequences resemble Uncharted 2 with a helicopter firing on Big Boss and all that. Quiet is clearly very talented as she shoots a grenade in mid-air and takes down the helicopter.

We also have a TGS 2014 trailer along with the gameplay footage and you can check both of them below.

Gameplay video:

TGS 2014 trailer:

  • Kaveh Rassoulzadegan

    This is completely awesome. The levels are looking huge, nothing (trees nor other details) appear to pop up (at first glance) too. Having tested only Ground Zeroes’s flavor of the Fox engine, I can yet tell it is going to be the best game some (me included) have ever played so far. A release date would be cool too, but the more details are revealed, the more I guess it is ok to wait a little bit… I feel like spending a lot of time sneaking in those environments.