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  • InFAMOUS: Second Son Review (PS4) – Next-gen is here

    Infamous is one of Sony’s better first party exclusive titles. Since coming on the scene in 2009, Infamous¬†has been to Empire City and New Marais–both...

  • Infamous: Second Son looks… next-gen in this new video

    Sucker Punch has released a developer video called Smoke and Mirrors for Infamous: Second Son, where they showcase the graphical effects in the game. It...

  • Infamous: Second Son E3 Footage Is Crisp and Clean

    Sony has released the gameplay video for Infamous: Second Son and the game absolutely looks amazing. It is not a launch title for the PS4...

  • Infamous: Second Son gameplay details

    Infamous: Second Son was announced at the PS4 reveal event and will be a launch title for the system.

  • PS4: Infamous: Second Son announced, gameplay trailer

    Sucker Punch has announced a new game for the PS4.