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  • EDGE 255 Full Review Scores Revealed

    We have the complete review scores of Edge issue 255. It includes The Last of Us, Grid 2 and more. As expected, the magazine has...

  • GRID 2 Launch Trailer Shows Fast Cars

    Codemasters have released the launch trailer for their racer, GRID 2. The game comes out today in the UK.

  • GRID 2: Bac Mono £125,000 Edition Details and Screenshots

    Codemasters have unveiled a new edition for GRID 2 and it’s something you must not have expected.

  • GRID 2: America, Europe, and Asia Full Tracks List

    Codemasters have released the full tracks list for their racer GRID 2.

  • New GRID 2 Video Shows Asian Cars And Tracks

    Codemasters have revealed a new video which shows some of the Asian locations in the game.

  • GRID 2 multiplayer trailer shows its features

    Codemasters have released the latest trailer for GRID 2 which details the multiplayer component of the game.

  • GRID 2 gameplay trailer looks gorgeous

    Codemasters have released a stunning new trailer for GRID 2, which is set to release on May 2013.