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  • DICE explains the advantages of Frostbite 3 in a new video

    DICE has released a new video which shows the features and advantages of Frostbite 3. They have been developing Frostbite since 2006 and it was...

  • Frostbite 3 “has never been running on Wii U”, says DICE

    EA hasn’t announced Battlefield 4 for the Wii U and there may be a reason behind that, a technical reason.

  • EA gets hold of Star Wars license, games will run on Frostbite 3

    EA and The Walt Disney Company have announced a partnership with the Star Wars license going into the hands of the publisher.

  • Battlefield 4 screenshots are here, game runs on Frostbite 3

    First screenshots of Battlefield 4 have surfaced and we’re unclear whether it’s the PS4 and Xbox 720 version.