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  • Final Fantasy XV Confirmed for Xbox One, 2014 Release

    Square Enix has confirmed Final Fantasy XV, which was previously known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, for the Xbox One. The game was originally a...

  • E3 2013: Final Fantasy Versus XIII is Now Final Fantasy XV, Trailer Inside

    Square Enix has announced Final Fantasy XV for the PS4. Surprise, surprise, it’s just Final Fantasy Versus XIII that was shown back in 2006. The...

  • This is a Final Fantasy Versus XIII Noctis Perfume

    Square Enix has released images of the Noctis perfume they have been teasing people.

  • Versus XIII: “Surprise scoop” for a “Long awaited title” on Famitsu

    This issue of Famitsu has hinted what’s going to come on its next issue, and it’s something that can make fans happy.