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  • Far Cry 3 Guide: Disable or Hide User Interface/HUD Completely

    Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3 is out and while the game is stunning there’s one major gripe that most people have.

  • Far Cry 3 Video Guide: Shocking Secrets and Easter Eggs

    Far Cry 3 is a game that has a lot of things you normally can’t find really fast. It’s filled with collectibles, Easter Eggs and secrets...

  • Far Cry 3 in real life video is stunning and quite accurate

    Someone made a Far Cry 3 video and it’s one of the best things I’ve seen. It’s completely in first-person.

  • Far Cry 3 Video Guide: All Memory Cards and Letters of The Lost Locations

    Far Cry 3 is a terrific game which features a ton of collectibles. You probably have a problem with finding them, correct, well here are...

  • Far Cry 3 Review – Trouble in Paradise

    You must have seen in those Discovery or National Geographic channels how a tiger hunts its prey. It walks with grace and poise, slowly and...

  • Top 6 Games You Should Definitely Buy this November

    Here’s the list of best games money can buy in November 2012.