Switch Tops NPD Sales for July 2017, Hardware and Software Sales Up

Having two hardware manufacturers doing well is very good for the gaming industry as evident by July 2017 hardware and Software NPD sales. Nintendo Switch has topped the hardware sales chart thanks to extra units being shipped by Nintendo. So the stock shortage excuse was actually real.

PS4 has come second and Xbox One last and the software sales are pretty interesting. Game sales are up 19% year on year and hardware sales are up 29% year on year.

Splatoon 2 topped the software sales while Crash Bandicoot Collection came in 2nd. Grand Theft Auto V is still in top 5 and the sales are phenomenal as ever.

PS4 had topped the sales chart last month and thanks to more Switch stock Nintendo has taken the pole position. The software release Splatoon 2 also helped the Switch immensely in outselling the PS4.

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