SuperDAE, leaker of Xbox 720 specs, gets raided by Police

It looks like SuperDaE has been raided by the police, according to his Twitter account.

He has tweeted that he has “no phone, nothing”, and if you remember he was the one who gave Durango information to Kotaku as well. Here’s the screengrab of the tweets in case he removes them.

It will be interesting to see what happens here, but it looks like Microsoft have sent their Ninjas after him.

His leaks were pretty accurate and he also had almost 100+ pages of documentation, which also clearly shows that he violated the NDA, maybe for monetary benefits. This raid is a clear indication that Microsoft isn’t happy with all the leaks.

Check out his tweets below.



  • Django

    I hope this fag goes to jail for a long time with massive fines to boot.

  • ShistyGameKilla

    @Django he might get time but I see more fines then anything. I praise the guy for having the balls to leak out all that info otherwise we’d probably walk right into Microsoft’s trap without knowing it. The whole always connected is one thing but no more used games is a big one and that alone could cripple my decision on buying the new XBOX720 or not. Criminal’s get what they deserve but in his case he gave a lot of future consumers some early insight on the new XBOX.

    • Django

      Historically, the more powerful console has never won, so the trap consumers will walk into is Sony’s with their lies and overhype that doesn’t deliver.

      • Tyger Hawk

        we see this hypocrisy all the time people who say power doesn’t matter are the same people who scream and shout when their console has a better GPU or more RAM.

        • Ian Ximinies

          Not understanding what trap we would be walking into that he saved us from, as if there wasnt going to be some big ass show where they do a reveal of everything…as if they are taking preorders right now…

      • DarthDiggler

        Oh it’s Django

        Always enjoy reading your highly intellectual posts. They are riveting.

        You always have such thoughtful Pavlovian dog style responses.

        I NEVER know what you will say next!

    • miDnIghtEr20C

      Thanks for telling us about this trap Admiral Ackbar. I thought I was buying a video game console, but you just saved my life.

      • DarthDiggler

        We won’t be able to withstand the firepower of a fully operational Xbox 720!

        Begin evasive maneuvers!

  • Jake

    Yeaaa,he was one of the first people to work on the new next generation console and he signed papers to do it.then he violated all those agreements to make money for himself on the side.

    Stop tryin to make it sound like he sacrificed himself for the greater good bs.he did it for the extra money and now he’s whinin cuz he got caught.

    take a responsibility like a man.whiny b****

    • DarthDiggler


      100% agree with you, I am kind of sick of people being made into Folklore heroes because they went back on their word. You sign a contract you should live up to it. If you don’t like the contract you shouldn’t have signed it.

      Mad kudos to you Jake! :)

      • squiggy

        As long as you don’t include legitimate whistle blowers who are acting in good conscience to bring crimes to light, I agree with you. This guy was just making money illegally on the side and bragging about it in his blog. Pure moron.

        • DarthDiggler


          This situation has nothing to do with Whistle-Blowers that are revealing crimes.

          • Sil

            No one said it did. But you accidentally described whistle-blowers in your over-simplified and broad statement about living up to a contract. So, squiggy clarified it for you … And then agreed with you.

    • brianc6234

      I don’t think breaking an NDA is police business though. It’s just a legal document. The most Microsoft should be able to do is sue him in court. No police involvement should ever happen over something like this. All it shows is Microsoft must own the police.

      • McHon Jb

        “I don’t think breaking an NDA is police business though.” Do you know what’s an NDA ? Violating an NDA is as equivalent to robbing a bank. The kid could be putting the whole company’s trade secrets out there = Money Loss.

      • Richard Cardenas

        Um, considering that a violation of an NDA is often times compared to and associated with corporate espionage or insider trading, that makes it highly illegal

  • J B

    I don’t know what he did leak, but any information about how many RROD’s I can expect with launch 720’s would have been appreciated.

    That information would have saved me a bunch of grief had I known the numbers before I purchased a 360. (I was afraid that 360 was how many RROD’s I could expect after getting 3 of them in the first 6 months.)

    • STFU

      how many dicks you suck should be posted as well. you know u like getting your RROD reamed

      • DarthDiggler

        Let me guess, you aren’t a big PlayStation fan? :)

        @357a20e8c56e69d6f9734d23ef9517e8:disqus You are a moron and your comment demonstrates that perfectly.

  • Marcus Jackson


  • mantas

    Hope Anonymous goes after Microsoft with a vengeance, give them a taste of what Sony had to deal with when they were hacked. Bet that would teach them…

    • DarthDiggler


      For what exactly? Also what did Sony do to deserve the attack?

      I just love these uber-indignant entitled attitudes that gamers have these days.

  • Fisha695

    And nobody else picked up on how he is still tweeting despite him saying the police took his phone & all his gadgets and he doesn’t have anything like that currently?

    • DarthDiggler

      Sounds like internet created Drama, does anyone know where this guy lives, there should be a booking record for him. That would had made a much better story than relying on some random internet guy to give you the truth.

      Pics or it didn’t happen! :)

  • Jose-Quervo

    Well, its corporate espionage whether intended or not.The info he leaked has already slightly harmed Microsoft. He leaked the Durango specs showing 8gbs of RAM. Sony, which previously had 4gbs of RAM in the PS4 upgraded to 8 based on the leak. Plus he didn’t do it for gamers sake, he did it for $$$.

  • Sunjar Z Masud

    Hey Nice work with the screen shots of the tweets! he tweeted them ..? LOL