“Substantial” UK PS4 preorders can convert into enormous sales – Sony

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Sony had earlier revealed that the PS4 had more than 1 million preorders worldwide at E3 this year. The numbers are certainly impressive and shows the positive word-of-mouth the system has in the market right now.

SCE UK and Ireland’s Feral Gara talked a little about how the UK market has contributed significantly to the overall preorder numbers. While he didn’t reveal the exact numbers in an interview with Edge, he did say that the region was a “heavy lifter” when it comes to preorders.

“I have got a number but I’m not giving out the UK number. You heard from Andy House at Gamescom that we had surpassed a million preorders in the world at that stage and the UK is a heavy lifter in that number. It’s a substantial proportion,” he revealed.

He also predicted the market behavior where there’s a high chance that the enormous PS4 preorders in the UK will actually convert into sales and he gave an example of how GTA 5 managed to achieve it.

“It’s a familiar way of ordering product here in the UK. If you look at GTAV for example – the enormous pre-orders numbers have converted into enormous sales. It’s an established habit and a very good indicator of demand.”

The PS4 looks set to be on track for a massive launch when it comes out on November 15th in the US and November 29th in the EU.

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  1. JustTruth

    October 3, 2013 at 10:36 pm

    Most gamers now are casuals who will go to whatever platform has COD, Battlefield, Need for Speed, Madden and Fifa at the lowest price. PS4 just happens to be the new home for casuals in the upcoming gen. And that also means, the new home for kiddies.

    With less sales, Wii U and Xbone, are more exclusive, less gamers on board, which means a better class and more mature gamer overall. You only have to go to N4G to see the kind of users PS4 is attracting , trash talking pre teens, times that by a few million more , and there is your Battlefield,COD, Gran Turismo user base for online gameplay on PS4, scary stuff.

    • Bruno

      October 3, 2013 at 11:52 pm

      Well, I don’t see the problem. I rarely play multiplayer, and when I do, I always mute everyone. So couldn’t care less if there are more or less kiddies playing.

    • mus1CKFps

      October 4, 2013 at 3:02 am

      i wouldn’t say all of that while i do agree with you in some areas a majority of other pre orders for the PS4 are from gamers who watched all the livestreams and kept tabs on everything going on since E3 till now, but when the holiday seasons start to pop up theres no doubt that a lot of others will also be buying a PS4 once its out or during those christmas sales

  2. dave

    October 3, 2013 at 10:54 pm

    It’s true, the demand for PS4 in the UK is off the scale, last week I went to a couple of major retailers in the UK and asked for a PS4 pre-order, I was rejected, the shops said they have taken so many pre-order they cannot take anymore! Utterly crazy. I managed get a pre-order online, but not guaranteed for Xmas.

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